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Roco 73683 – 1600 Railpromo

189,90 incl. BTW

Electric locomotive 101001 of the Railpromo.

5 pole motor with flywheel. Drive on four axles. Two wheels feature traction tyres to increase the traction power. LED-lighting white/red that change with the direction of travel. Interface according to NEM 652 standards for the adaption of a digital decoder. Coupler pocket according to NEM 362 standards.

  • In exclusive livery with Railpromo design
  • Rich detailing on the model

The Dutch company “Railpromo” and its daughter company “Panorama Rail Restaurant” have been offering exceptional rides across the Netherlands for many years now. Each trip starts at the historic train station of the City of Amsterdam which is also the terminus of each ride. Breukelen bei Gouda, Rotterdam or Den Hague, for example, can be reached several times a week. As a special plus, excellent food and drinks are served during the trip. Each train ride is truly unique, since every time different chefs provide the passengers with delicate culinary delights.




H0 | 1:87

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